Interim Management Services


Many associations are not prepared when an executive director suddenly quits, is

dismissed, or becomes incapacitated. TSO, a fully-accredited, full-service association

management company, is prepared with its Interim Management Services (IMS) to

assist nonprofit organizations with their immediate needs for leadership, support. By

bridging capabilities, TSO helps to keep the association moving forward until an

executive search can be completed.


With TSO's Interim Management Services you can be assured of confidentiality, trust,

and an independent, unbiased assessment to provide your organization with the

attention to detail and personal consideration that is required during the crucial time of

executive transition.


Why choose Interim Management Services?

Many associations elect to have board members run the organization during leadership

transition. However, board members often are volunteers who typically do not have the

time to manage an organization, as well as concentrate on their own job. TSO is adept

at managing transitional situations and will remain with your organization only until a

new executive is at the helm and ready to take over.


Our promise

TSO's Interim Management Services can get your organization through leadership transition by providing expert management, focusing on quality, confidence, and commitment to give you peace of mind. You will know your organization better and be better prepared to handle a changing environment insuring that your association moves forward after the transition.


What can TSO offer your organization?



With 30 years of industry experience, TSO has the knowledge, skills, and insight to successfully manage an organization through leadership transition.



As an accredited organization, TSO is recognized as a leader in association management, adhering to the highest industry standards. You can trust that your organization is in steady hands with TSO.



TSO provides fees and services depending on your specific needs. Whether you need a little help, a lot of help, or something in between, TSO's Interim Management Services can help make your transition smooth and relatively pain-free.



IMS lets your search committee concentrate on finding the right permanent solution while TSO maintains the daily operations with your existing resources.



TSO can also provide assistance in the executive search, as well as help organize or reorganize existing staff. TSO can even help in getting relief from unwanted commitments such as hotel contracts, leases, and other obligations.




To find out whether TSO's Interim Management Services is right for your association, please contact us.

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